Anton Spiridonov

Anton SpiridonovAnton Spiridonov comes from a family with a rich history in figure skating. His parents are Elena Garanina, who was the 1981 World Universiade champion for Russia and a two-time Skate America medalist, and Valeriy Spiridonov, who skated internationally for Russia. His brother Maxim Zavozin was the 2005 World Junior champion, 2004 Junior Grand Prix Final champion and two-time U.S. junior champion. His family’s achievements constantly motivate him and drive his hunger for success.

One year after Anton began skating, he started a partnership with Yana Buga which resulted in short term success. After his partnership with Yana, Anton moved to Moscow to begin training with Alexander Zhulin which was a life-changing experience. He then moved to the USA and had the opportunity to train with both Igor Shpilband and Marina Zoueva who both used completely different techniques. He found that each coach he worked with had such different views on performance, mentality, competition, readiness and everything in between.

Anton has two dogs, enjoys running, cooking and playing video games. He dreams of becoming a world class coach and choreographer after his skating career. He is ecstatic to be representing the USA with Lorraine McNamara in their new journey together.